We keep your web site updated and secure. Our web maintenance service provides the following features.

Encrypted traffic using HTTPS

All content will be served using HTTPS so that your customers can be sure that you are a legitimate business. We use Let's Encrypt to acquire certificates.

Regular updates

Our servers are always kept up to date with the latest software updates available. We also do regular maintenance work on your web site to ensure that your content is served properly to the latest devices.

Daily backups

Your content is backed up daily and can quickly be restored so that you don't have to worry about losing data.

Responsive design

When we take over the maintenance work for an existing site, we make sure it works well on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Where necessary, we make adjustments to the design so that it is suitable smaller screen sizes.

Integration with Google Analytics

If you are interested in traffic statistics for your web site, we are happy to help you setup a Google Analytics account and integrate your tracking code into your web site.

Technical advisor

You can ask us about anything technical and we'll do our best to give you objective information on the subject. We offer a strong understanding of computer science and web technologies.

Website upgrades

If you have a web site you'd like to upgrade to better support mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, …), or you'd like to be prepared for stricter security requirements in modern browsers, that is all included in our monthly fee.

Design changes

Incremental design changes are included in our monthly fee. Send us an e-mail as soon as you think of anything that you'd like to improve and we'll get it done. For big design changes, we'll evaluate the scope and let you know if it is covered by the monthly fee. You will receive estimates for changes not included in your subscription.

New features

We will assist you with functional changes and integrations with external systems like LinkedIn, Disqus, or Google Analytics. Depending on the scope, this may or may not be included in our monthly fee. To make your costs predictable, we will always give you an estimate up front. Whenever possible, we will refer you to suitable of-the-shelf alternatives to achieve the most cost-efficient solution. I.e if you ask us to develp a comment system for your site, it is likely that we will suggest integrating your site with Disqus or another readily available service.

Quality assurance

When we make significant adjustments to your site, we will make the modified web site available as a preview for your approval before we deploy the changes to a production environment. This give you complete control over your online content, and offers a good opportunity for you to review changes and give feedback on new features.

Privacy policy

Your contact information will be used for the following.

  • Billing
  • E-mail correspondance

We will not send you any newsletter and we will not share your information with anyone.