Agile board

Agile board is inspired by the SCRUM and Kanban metods. It's currenty only a prototype. This means that you can use it for short-term projects where loss of data isn't a major consert. No guarantees.

Demo (user) Demo (admin)


Create new board

Create a new board by opening in your browser. This will redirect you to a page that identifies your board, the URL is your board-id. It's probably a good idea to bookmark this for future reference. The page will be completely empty at this point, the next step is to add lists as described in Administrate board.

Administrate board

Append ?admin to board-id to view the administrator interface (similar to "Demo (admin)").

  • Click "+" to add a new list
  • Click "-" to remove list

Manage tasks

  • Click "..." to add a new task, the task will be saved after you enter some text (actually, it's saved when you de-focus the element, see Events for details).
  • Remove a task by deleting all the text contained within
  • Move tasks between lists (or internally in a list) by clicking the top left corner of the chosen task and dragging it to a new location


Anyone can access the board using board-id. To see changes made by other users you need to periodically refresh the page.


  1. Open board in your browser (using board-id), this will let the system know which board you are working on
  2. Open in your browser to export the board



This section describe important events. The main point is that you should de-focus an element to make sure it's saved (an easy way to do this is to click tab on your keyboard after editing text).

Save task

A task is saved when the blur event is triggered on the task element, i.e. when the task loses focus.

Save list name

List name is saved when the blur event is triggered on the list name element, i.e. when the list name loses focus.